Updated: 2017-04-28

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A summary of all the Math Courses in Manitoba and their Subjects

** New** Video: What are the different Math 'Streams'; what is the difference.

PRISM MATHEMATICS. Resources to help with the ''PRISM' Adult Mathematics program.


Grade 9 Math in Manitoba. Still under construction. See also Grade 9 PRISM PURPLE math above for the mostly equivalent courseware.

Grade 10 Essential Mathematics.   

Grade 11 Essential Mathematics.

Grade 12 Essential Mathematics. Under Construction.

Grade 10 Mathematics (Applied and Pre-Calculus Preparation). The two courses are now combined into one course in accordance with the revised 2009 mathematics curriculum.

Grade 11 Applied Math (MA30S Applied) (2009 curriculum). Not presently subject to update

Grade 11 Pre-Calculus Math (MA30S Pre-Calculus) (2009 curriculum). Not presently subject to update.

Grade 12 Applied Math (MA40S Applied) (2009 curriculum).

Inactive - Grade 12 Pre-Calculus Math (MA40S Pre-Calculus) (2009 curriculum). Contact me if you need access.


Mr F. You Tube Play List. Check out my MrF YouTube Channel for my videos and my suggested playlists.

EXCEL Course Templates .  Go here for the EXCEL course

TI83 Tutorials .  Learn how to use the TI-83 Graphing Calculator!  You will be using it a lot from Grade 10 onward in Applied and Pre-Calculus.